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Designed in California for cats by people who walk their cat every day.

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Customer reviews

You can tell they love what they do! You can see the hard work in the products! I also have a leash and they’re obsessed with the feathers! Thank you so much Mavi and Kayla!"

Hollie Bowers

This was a wonderful purchase. Thank you so much for an easy transaction for an amazing product. I recommend!

Megan Tees

This harness is amazing.  I can confidently say that when I take my kitty out on this I can feel safe and secure knowing that he cannot get out, even if he gets spooked."

Ariel Delurey

Love love love. I can’t say anything other than 10/10. I almost have this entire store in my house!!"

Hannah Isabella

High quality harness, and high quality customer service! I was recommended this shop by a friend, and will be recommending them to others!"

Emily Neely

I don't know where to even begin... I put the harness on my black cat Binx and he had zero issues with it! ...Thanks to SurferCat my cat will soon be able to be "one of the boys" and play outside with my two dogs! Thank you for creating a product that was so easy to transition into. Will definitely recommend and keep coming back for more!

Ashton Scott

 It’s high quality, and the seller provides training tips and the best customer service. My cat wears the harness with ease. I now have an adventure cat thanks to this awesome leash and harness."

Charmaine Camvel

This harness has been perfect for my cat... It’s so easy to get on and my cat eagerly lets me put it on. The colors are adorable and customer service was excellent."

Lindsey Rajkovich

Definitely recommend this harness! Great quality and care! My cat doesn’t fuss about it on or anything. It’s very light weight and he doesn’t mind it on! Great for cats who need fresh air. Very fast shipping and the seller is great at communicating and is super nice! Will be purchasing from them again!

Brianna Rocha

"I love how high quality these are! I had tried about a million different harnesses from various pet stores and Amazon but none seemed to work for my cat... I absolutely love these I am so glad I purchased them.


"The leashes are a game changer with the feathers to help the kitty learn to follow better, as well. I would recommend all SurferCat products to any adventure cat owners 💚 ."

Nickie Leo

"Holy Toledo, Batman! These are the most gorgeous harnesses & the leash is really lovely. I agonized about what style to choose, and I am so pleased with amazing quality & we are *SO* fancy. What a delightful product, I'm obsessed!"

Karen Rubin

"These harnesses are safe, secure, and soft. My guy doesn't like any other harness I have tried... In addition to being great harnesses, Surfer Cat Mav goes above and beyond every time."

Carly Forest

"This set is GORGEOUS!!! Surfer Cat is genuinely the coolest and best shop! They were kind enough to send us an additional surprise harness, and it was gorgeous!!! I can not recommend this shop enough, and we will continue to shop here! My mind is blown at the craftsmanship and quality."

Jessie Joy

"This is our 7th harness from this shop and we love every single one of them! They give us such peace of mind knowing that, once it’s adjusted properly, this harness is truly *escape proof*!! 💚 "


"My Bengal cat accepted this halter with no problems. After only an hour of her wearing it in the house, we went outside for a walk and she seemed completely comfortable in it. I love how lightweight it is and she has not been able to get out of it. The seller sent me an extra halter with purchase which is fantastic! I recommend this seller and this harness fully."


"We love the harness, leash, training bag and training assistance. The quality of the product is outstanding. The helpful tips and advice for training have been invaluable."

Laura Wall

"Love, love, love! The first class, well-made products, the quality box it comes in & the speed of delivery. Thank you so much for the great service and making this experience luxurious. You truly go above and beyond. Looking forward to getting our babies trained on these beauties."

Kristina Hoefel

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