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Our reflective leash motivates your kitty to walk in the direction you want them to. Our feather trainer sits at the end of the line, encouraging kitty to follow. We have two variants of the feather trainer available. Our Black feather trainer is a sleek all black puff accented with guinea feathers, used to increase visibility for your kitty. We also have the black dipped in gold puff, which has gold tipped feather accents.

This set comes with our lightweight and adjustable escape proof harness. 

Escape Proof (all harnesses)

  • Extremely minimal harness for training
  • Shoulder strap is designed to swivel with the leash to take pressure off the neck when kitty pulls

Reflective Harnesses

  • These are custom made for evening walks. When headlights or a flashlight shines upon them these harnesses become bright, white and reflective.

Rugged Leopard

  • The Rugged Leopard Harness is randomly selected. Each harness is a different color combination (green, yellow, and blue)
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